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Disney Afternoon Comics Idea-Critiques Welcome!
I thought it would be interesting to have different Disney Afternoon characters interact in the same comic, if Marvel ever decided to bring back the line of comics published by Boom! Studios, and if I ever got enough experience writing comics to work on those titles.

The main problem with having different DA characters interact with each other is that they all come from different shows with different continuities.  The Rescue Rangers live in a world dominated by humans; most other characters live in worlds without humans, dominated by funny animals.  The characters in Talespin live in the 1930s; everyone else lives in the present.  Getting these other characters together would be a problem.

One solution is suggested by Boom!'s Darkwing Duck comic, in their story called "Crisis on Infinite Darkwings." That story established the existence of other universes with alternate versions of Darkwing; why not have alternate versions of other DA characters in DW's universe?

The DA crossover story I'd like to do features Gadget from Rescue Rangers, Peg from Goof Troop, and Rebecca Cunningham from Talespin. The DW Gadget would be human sized, not mouse sized; she would be a professional engineer with a good understanding of technology, instead of a self-taught tinkerer with an imperfect understanding of human technology.  Rebecca would live in the present, and her husband would be alive. Peg would be the same as in her show, only maybe divorced from Pete.


Here's how I'd get these characters together: SHUSH shuts down, either because of budget cuts or because FOWL no longer exists. DW and Launchpad are forced to get jobs and go to work for a private superhero company started by Gadget and Peg.

Private superhero companies provide "paranormal" law enforcement services to states and cities that can't afford their own superhero teams or the expensive special equipment needed to fight supervillains, giant monsters, etc. The company, which may be called Super Security Inc., provides superhero services in and around St. Canard, nearby Cape Suzette, and other cities and counties in the area.

Gadget got into the superhero business after working at her mother's aerospace company for a few years. She got bored just improving the efficiency of jet engines, and thought she could make cool, Reed Richards-like devices and still help people.

She sought out Peg, who was her father's old friend; he was a test pilot who also worked for SHUSH with Peg, who was from Army Intelligence. Peg had just won a huge amount of money in a court case after her real estate properties were wiped out during a superhero battle. Gadget's money came from her inventions.

Peg and Gadget hired Rebecca as a secretary and the "tank" of the team. Becky used to work for her husband, an Egyptologist, by cataloging and doing paperwork for her husband's digs. Once he excavated an ancient temple of Sekhmet, Egyptian goddess of justice and divine wrath, when bandits captured him. To save him, she recited a magic spell that would give her the power of a servant of Sekhmet, and gained the ability to turn into a Hulk-like monster. She thrashed the bandits, saved her husband, and  went into the hero business to make a lot of money and support her family. In her monster form, dubbed "Werewitch" by Gadget, is as strong as the Hulk or the Thing, just as resistant to damage, and looks like a cross between a werewolf and Hannes Bok's drawing of Pickman's Model with Becky's features and hair.


DW and LP would have a rough time, because both Gadget and Peg would be hard on them, Peg because she has high standards and Gadget because it's funny. DW and LP are constantly on the verge of being fired, but they eventually prove themselves enough to be hired on full-time.

Peg tries to mentor Gadget and tries to keep her from doing something too crazy. They fight all the time and won't accept each others' bull, but basically they like each other. They both have so much money invested in the company that they'll both be ruined if they end their partnership before the company makes a big profit.

Becky is the "other sane person" besides Peg. Both of them are mothers, and both can talk about the crazy people they work with--Peg says co-workers can be just like kids. Becky thinks Gadget, DW, and LP are all crazy, but Gadget can fire her, so Becky tries not to do anything rash while transformed. She also doesn't like DW and LP.

However, all the characters always have each other's backs, and in the end, have to eventually get along.


Their HQ is a converted warehouse outside of town. It contains offices, a reception desk, a crime lab, the team's vehicles and equipment, and a training room that's tougher than the Danger Room. Gadget keeps a converted riot van called the Gadgetmobile and a converted VTOL aircraft here.


Most of their enemies will be already established enemies, such as the Fearsome Five, possibly the Air Pirates, and Mirage from Aladdin, who torments them when she's not tormenting Aladdin characters.

I came up with a backstory for Femme Appeal, introduced in DW #10. She's the black sheep of a noble family who will work for almost anybody unless they're really dangerous. She might work for our heroes on some cases.


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